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Right now, are you cultivating gratitude and appreciation?

Ready to play?

Ready to experience some magic? It is simple but not easy. Curious? Can you Scooby Doo Detectives write down every morning two things you are grateful for and two things you appreciate? And every night you write down two things you were grateful that you experienced and appreciated during your day. Now can you do this for a week? How about a month? A year?

What is the difference of gratitude vs. appreciation?

Appreciate. Things or experiences that you value. Appreciate is a message to the field of the universe to send more of that. . . appreciation grows.

Grateful. Being grateful is the appreciation for the experience and feeling. It is very subtle difference but I am hoping you can get a sense with these examples.

For example: I appreciate my daughter and I am grateful for the experience of being a mom. I appreciate a good class of wine and I am grateful that I can still drink a glass of wine! I appreciate that I get to teach magic and I am grateful for all the beautiful souls I get to connect with. I appreciate receiving the inspiration to write this blog and I am so grateful that you are reading and playing with me!

Isabelle, what if I just say or think what I am grateful for and appreciate but not write it. Does that count?

In this moment, think of something you are grateful for. Now say out it out loud. Next I want you to write it down or type it. How did it feel? Did it feel the same? Or different? (If you did not notice anything do it again with another gratitude and tune in and feel the subtle difference).

It is all about focused energy and magic. When you say or think what you are grateful for, it is still in the unseen. When you write down what you are grateful for, you are thinking and seeing it at once. You are bringing the unseen to seen, and that is magic.

Doing this practice is cultivating gratitude and appreciation. You might find yourself in the beginning being grateful and appreciative for the same things over and over, but over time you start to be grateful and appreciative for more and more. You know what else you are doing when you do this practice? You are bringing more love into your day. Love is the most powerful frequency. And how cool is that?!? You have got to try it!

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EM Teresa
EM Teresa
Sep 06, 2022

Thank you, Soul Sister! You are an inspiration!

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