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Are we in a loop? Parallel lives?

I work in SOUL Fields all day long. This is my world now. I've done hundreds of Quantum Healing sessions for five years and there are energetic patterns. Over arching themes I would say to a SOUL.

Recently, I binged watched the Original Amazon Prime series the Devil's Hour, and was struck with a truth.

The character Gideon, played by actor Peter Capaldi, said,

"Fear can change a person's nature and fear transcends lifetimes."

Have you encountered unexplainable fear that defies logic? A friend of mine had an irrational fear of water and would joke that they must have drowned in a past life. These are clues. Deja vu are other clues, when places feel very familiar. You are always connected to all your lives whether you realize it or not.

Fear can transcends lifetimes but not in the way you think. There are patterns, energetic patterns expressed or fears, for us to choose love, to gain clarity and understanding. There are pre-birth intensions and trajectories we choose so that we have the opportunity to clear these fears.

What about parallel lives? Yes, there are many dimensions of projected consciousness that your innerbeing has access to all your lives in all dimensions and realms.

The design of the system is amazing, it is complex, with many layers, and it is Quantum. SOURCE is ingenious.

You are YOUR SOUL. There are many lives all happening now in your SOUL FIELD. Think of it as a beautiful pattern of light, your energy like a fireworks bursting forth. In each now moment your light is being expressed, connected to all the other aspects of your light being expressed. And with each expression you grow and expand. It is always new, a slight variation but NEW nevertheless.

Ok, so that's cool that parallel lives are happening and multiple lives are happening but so what? I'm living my life now. This is your ego. Your ego wants to keep you safe. It is scary to realize you are way more than the image in the mirror, that you are powerful. You are a creator, not the victim.

How does this esoteric teaching impact you?

When you feel an intense irrational fear, keep an open mind, and BE GENTLE on yourself. Perhaps this fear is a DEEP because it was not just experienced in just this life. Your 800 lb. Gorilla mind will try to rationalize this fear away, but it keeps coming back, no matter what you do?

This is why I do the work that I do. By passing the ego and going into your SOUL field is very powerful and healing. This moves you into more into love, to understand your limiting beliefs and let them go. To release and drop judgement. Think of your SOUL field as an amazing book of YOU! Why wouldn't you want to read your own story? Why not transcend that fear into love?

Be curious Scooby Doo Detectives! And when you are ready, you can book a Quantum Healing Session with me. If you are new, I suggest starting off with a one on one and gently ease into the work for an hour before you deep dive.

You know another truth? Love transcends lifetimes too. It is actually all love. Everything is LOVE, SOURCE is LOVE, therefore all that is LOVE.

This is going to seem like this is coming out from left field but did you know that scientist have uncovered that all electrons are identical?

So what does this all have to do with fear transcending lives?

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