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What do you have in common with Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

When you were incarnated here, you were put on a trajectory of self discovery. You have an over arching theme, just like a character in a book. Whether you are a Star Wars fan or Harry Potter, the main characters Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter, what do you think their over arching theme was?

They learned to believe in themselves. To tap into their inner power. You can look at their journey, Luke and Harry both suffered loss of family. Both did not feel like they belonged. Both did not feel special.

Let me ask you this? Have you experienced loss? Have you ever felt like you did not belong? Do you not feel special?

You are special in your own unique way just like Luke and Harry. They both tapped into their inner power. Both had to focus their minds, set the intension of using the force or casting a spell. They both played with energy and here is a shocker, so do you. Yup you play with energy all day long, it matters not if you are not aware.

Isabelle I am not using the Force or even own a wand! (Ok some of you might own a wand). That's not the point. When you walk into a room, do you light it up? Or do you bring a calming energy. Or are you closed, not wanting to be where you are? Do you keep yourself small? It matters not. I'm just showing you that you are adding your own energy to the world you live in.

Have you ever been in a high vibe state? Feeling good, in a good mood? Food tastes better, people are smiling around you and even if you get stopped at a red light, late for work, it is all ok. When you are not in a good mood, you spill your coffee, someone cuts you off, and you might even encounter a dirty look.

How does this relate to magic and the use of force? First step is to be aware of your own energy friend and that means you have to be aware of your feelings.

I share all of this with you to help you see your own energy is beautiful. My greatest desire is for you to see how special and beautiful you are. How unique you are and bring more of YOU here. Tap into the Force, the magic of your inner power. Explore it. See what it is all about.

Luke and Harry both had to learn that self doubt and fear, turned off their own inner power. Are you turning off your own inner power? Do you believe in yourself?

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