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Develop Intuition And Connect To Your Spirit Guides Program

Unlocking the door to the Divine

"My spiritual ear is as big as the sky we see above us. My natural ear I increased by the radar." Nikolas Telsa

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Your Spirit Guides are Waiting for You!

Do you ever feel like life is dragging you down? Like you're constantly running through mud, struggling and yet it is never enough?


Energetically do you ever feel heavy?


What about feeling guilty for feeling this loneliness because you have friends and family surrounding you?


Do you chide yourself for even feeling poorly because you have it better than so many others?


Are yet . . . are you enduring life, grabbing any slivers of light and happiness where you can?


And so ...


I understand. I get it.


You can wash off the muck.




It is not just one thing that washes away the muck.


And it does not have to be WORK!

Meet Isabelle

This program is hosted  by Isabelle Zimmerman who enjoys a deep relationship with her guides. Her bachelors in Psychology the study of the psyche (soul) eventually led her to the study with Dolores Cannon who developed the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). While Isabelle enjoyed a career in Information Technology (IT) and Operations she was self-studying Quantum Physics for six-years. Isabelle has now completed over 1000 regressions (Past Lives) and spoken to many Spirit Guides. It is her honor to be facilitating this foundational and inspiration class.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to get answers from your intuition.

  • You want to feel better.

  • You want to start your healing journey.

  • You want more clarity and make decisions that are right for you.

  • You want to feel more connected in life.

  • Deeper relationships, not only with loved ones but everything you experience here!

Program Curriculum - Unleash Your Divine SOUL Gifts!

Six years ago I was married, working full time, and raising a family. I went from not walking from Plantar Fasciitis and two root canal in one year. I did not know I was in the muck, because when I looked around it seemed everyone was in the muck. I even believed that it was normal, this muck, and made lemonade out of lemons.


What if...there is more to life?


One thing led to another and worked with a channeler that led me to connecting with my Spirit Guides. The dots began to connect. I became aware that my physical pain was a message from my body that I completely ignored. Who knew your body was a messenger. I just thought it was normal for my body to break down, wasn't that expected?


And I had no awareness around of own emotional pain because I was too busy putting everyone else in front of me, husband, daughter, family, friends, managers, co-workers, strangers, dogs, cats, woodland creatures, etc.


Connecting with my spirit guides changed my life and I am more balanced and at peace. The people pleaser within me has been tamed. I love myself more and my relationships are deeper and profound. I used to live an ordinary life.


Now I live an enriched life that is full of love.


And learning how to wash off the muck is necessary to connect to your Spirit Guides.


These teachings and healing techniques connecting with your spirit guides 101 have helped individuals tap into their inner wisdom and break free from muck.

This six-week interactive online program teaches you the signs and how to recognize the messages from your Spirit Guides.

Through an interactive process and guided exercises with meditations, Isabelle herself will systematically awaken your intuition, becoming more present, aware and connected with your guides, along with so much more.

Six Month Program

Foundation Building

The Claire's

In the first phase of the program we are going to deep dive and practice in how your Spirit Guides communicate with you. Each week we will focus on the 'Claire's' meaning clear. Clairvoyance - clear seeing Clairsentience - clear feeling in the body Clairtangency - Clear Feeling by Touhing Item Clairaudience - Clear Hearing Claircognizance - Clear Knowing Clairalience - Clear Smell Clairgustance - Clear Taste

Conditioning & Preparing

Training Exercises

In this phase it is important to prepare and condition with specific exercises. Working the two hemisphere of the brain, strengthening the imagination and moving and feeling the energy within the body. Becoming aware of own vibration and thoughts. ​ Downloadable Synchronicities Log Guided Meditation (Reinforce lesson of strengthening imagination)



In this phase we will be in full practice of managing your own vibration. Able to know your own field of energy. How to change your vibration and raise your perspective. Shedding limitations.



Final phase, a series of group meditations in order to connect with your guides and enter your own beautiful Soul Field (past lives). This will unite and awaken you to the unconditional love of the Universe.

Craig, Vancouver CA

“My third eye is now vibrating. I have seen so many projected images of hearts. I am having so many insights, thank you!"

Lisa, West Virginia

"Even though I teach and heal, understanding the science behind energy deepened my own belief."

James, MA

“Isabelle is the greatest teacher I have ever met. It is all making more sense. I still have work to do, but I understand now..”
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