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As you begin to question, is there more? It is a process of self discovery. Sometimes it is a person that comes into your life that says something so profound you feel the truth in it. It might be a book, a movie or videos. You start listening to Podcasts and join Facebook Groups. You begin to seek.

It was the same for me. I devoured many spiritual things.  Then teachers, mentors, channelers appeared, offering courses or programs.


Then I took a scary step, and signed up for a one and one program.  I had to cross the fear of money and commitment. My mind would make up excuses, but after a few weeks, days or months, I pushed past and did it!  

Making a commitment to your awakening is a process for us all.


Please see below your options to facilitate your Spiritual Journey.



Isabelle Zimmerman
Ascension Teacher

Not only do I channel the non physical beings, Spirit Guides, Celestial, Hathors, Acturians etc. I have done hundreds and hundreds of past lives sessions. I live and breath the Spirit realm. It is my honor to pass on these teachings to you and be the bridge that you need until you feel your own connection.

Different Options

Image by Heather Morse

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