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Discovery Call

Lighted Path

Is there more to life? Do you have a purpose? Do you have a path?


You do.


You did come in with prebirth intentions. To uncover your path is just awareness. You are on your path, you are just not fully aware.             


Image by Patrick Fore
Image by Mario Dobelmann
Image by Mario Dobelmann

What to expect?

The discovery call is a meet and great, giving you an opportunity to ask questions and see if you are ready to take the next steps with me as a teacher. I am but one teacher and it is my honor to facilitate your remembrance to who you truly are! Depending on your level of awareness you might be guided to join a class, book a session or even be given homework. 

Greater Understanding

When you came here, this incarnation, your present form and life, there was a trajectory, a path created. You choose your parents, siblings, time and place of birth. You came to explore and transcend into higher consciousness.  You have experienced many lives in preparation of this life. And how exciting is this?!?

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