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Higher Consciousness and Infinite Intelligence One on One Program


You are aware that indeed there is higher consciousness. You might be curios in how to access your own higher consciousness and infinite intelligence?

You have become aware of your intuition, perhaps you feel you are an empath? Do you sense and feel vibration?

You have begun to understand how to manifest and aware that indeed that you have imposed your own limitations.

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What to expect?

Most sessions are done over zoom. I will need to see your little face. All sessions are recorded. You can use your phone, iPad or computer. 


How do you know if you are ready for this program?

Are you experiencing physical pain?


Are you experiencing feeling stuck?


Are you not feeling fulfilled? You sense there is something more but you do not know what it is? 


Are you finding what you have been doing, is not working?


Are you feeling resistance within you?


You want more. You want to unlock your SOUL Divine purpose. You sense that you have a mission here. Another purpose that you feel within you. It comes to the surface at times, then your ego mind tells you what it might be. 

You may even receive messages from your SOUL but you do not take the steps. Or you have taken small steps onto your path. Afraid to go even deeper.  And so you being the waiting. Waiting for things to unfold.


Are you in a cycle? A repeating cycle of behavior? You've even seen what has made you feel safe, been taken away? You are knocked to the ground feeling so uncomfortable, once again, feeling the resistance. Are you feeling like you are being torn into two? Confused and just want clarity? Tell me what to do next you plead?

You can not insist your way in changing your vibration.

Diving into your SOUL Field is part of the process. As you are a multidimensional being. Your SOUL is concerned about YOUR evolution. These are where your hidden gift reside, within.

Your stories and you have many, including hidden stories, these are clues to what your SOUL and OVERSOUL have created for Wisdom and expansion.

All of your stories are beautiful, not one is more beautiful than the other. All parts of you are magnificent. Have you gotten glimpses?


Through this profound exploration, of YOU. You can't go back, once you do this program. Do you understand?  You can not unknow it. It is unlocking the KEYS within you. Once it is activated it is active.


thyou will gain a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose, uncover hidden talents and abilities, and heal unresolved issues that may have been carried over from previous lifetimes. As you connect with your soul's lineage, you will experience a profound sense of self-discovery, empowerment, and expanded consciousness.


The sessions will be in a safe and supportive environment for your journey.  Each week, you will embark on a new adventure, exploring different aspects of your soul's tapestry and integrating the wisdom and insights gained into your present life.


Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Step into the realm of your soul's tapestry and unlock the vast potential that lies within. Join us for a series of profound hypnosis sessions, as we explore the depths of your soul and awaken the true essence of who you are.

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