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Soul Tapestry


Are you looking for a deeper connection to your self, to your soul, to your higher self, maybe even Source? These sessions are indeed life transforming and healing. Become more of who you truly are. Take a step! Connect with your higher self and guides it is so magical!

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What to expect?

Most sessions are done over zoom. I will need to see your little face. All sessions are recorded. You can use your phone, iPad or computer. 


Tapestry into your Soul Field 

Embark on a transformative journey into the tapestry of your soul, where you will unlock the hidden realms of your higher consciousness. Through the power of guided hypnosis, you will delve deep into the fabric of your being, exploring the intricate threads that connect your present life to the vast expanse of your soul's journey.


In each session (a total of 8), you will be gently guided into a relaxed state of mind, allowing you to access memories and experiences from your other lives. You will witness the tapestry of your soul unfold before your eyes, revealing the wisdom, lessons, and connections that shape your current existence.


Through this profound exploration, you will gain a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose, uncover hidden talents and abilities, and heal unresolved issues that may have been carried over from previous lifetimes. As you connect with your soul's lineage, you will experience a profound sense of self-discovery, empowerment, and expanded consciousness.


The sessions will be in a safe and supportive environment for your journey.  Each week, you will embark on a new adventure, exploring different aspects of your soul's tapestry and integrating the wisdom and insights gained into your present life.


Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? Step into the realm of your soul's tapestry and unlock the vast potential that lies within. Join us for a series of profound hypnosis sessions, as we explore the depths of your soul and awaken the true essence of who you are.

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