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Freedom is a Frequency of LOVE

Freedom, to be authentic, to be as is, is a state of beingness. It is inner peace, balance and harmony. It is the knowing and feeling of empowerment, beingness and LOVE.

Feeling repressed, judged, betrayed and powerless is the polarity of freedom. This exploration of separation of self is disempowering.

Freedom is self-love, to be empowered. When you love all aspects of self, and no longer reject aspects of self, then you feel worthy of any exploration, any expression of your light. You are FREE.

When you were a little child, you naturally expressed your love and light, to explore this physical reality in delight and wonder. All emotions were expressed without judgement. The innocence of you and the connection to all that is shined, knowing that the paradigm or game that you entered submerged you into forgetfulness and separation.

Tap in, tune in and go within. You will see that the betrayal, control and judgement can be softened and you can ease into the frequency of love. Everything you have experienced in this incarnation and others have been for wisdom and love. You created your reality, you were never really a victim, even though it REALLY felt like you were a victim. It is all ok. You are ok. You are perfect and magnificent. You are powerful.

Love your exploration, your creation, the wild ride of emotions and experiences. You had to be a master in order for you to experience such density and intensity.

And so your creation, your expression. Wow!

Can you see?

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