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Rejection feels like yuck but it is for you

This might be advanced but . . . let's go for it. As an ascension teacher, I have an understanding it is a process to accept the emotions we do not prefer and to examine limiting beliefs. Soulwork is not for the weary my friend, but it is so worth it.

Yesterday I had a few events that brought up the feeling of rejection and it wasn't until I went within that I uncovered that Spirit had been wanting me to examine this for awhile. It was only yesterday that I noticed it . . . yup they keep sending clues . . . but I'm really good at being positive or in denial.

Working on feeling good and processing limiting beliefs is necessary. We often say soulwork is like peeling the onion, there are so many layers. I'm sharing my soulwork with you.

The feeling of rejection sucks. The feeling of not being enough, being alone and unwanted. We all have been rejected in life, maybe you didn't get that job promotion or the job, rejected by a girl or boy, a friend, your mother, your family . . . you get the idea. Depending how attached you were to the person, job, family or outcome it does correlate to how deep the pain is felt. Now we could just tell ourselves, we didn't want that job, girl, boy etc. We can tell ourselves . . . screw them! They are missing out. Or we cam blame them for the rejection, it was unfair and unjust. We can also tell ourselves a story that we are not enough, not deserving, not worthy and feel unloved.

Here's the advanced stuff. Stepping into the feeling of rejection is counter intuitive. Rejection is the opposite of accepting. When rejection is reflected in my reality the higher truth is that I am rejecting parts of myself. My soulwork is to face a fear that I do not want to feel or see. And so I am working through facing the fear of the parts I judge as wrong and not good enough. The belief of not being enough. This is one aspect of doing the work.

And now I sit with the feeling of being unloved and unwanted. Can I feel that this is beautiful? I can understand the frequency of unwanted and unloved is necessary as the contrast of loved and wanted. Being unwanted and unloved has a certain freedom to it. It allows me to be more of me in a sense. I can either choose to reject parts of myself or accept them, bringing these aspects into wholeness and love. In doing so I become more authentic. In doing so I can accept these similar frequency of fears in others. Through the act of self-love, I now flow more love through me.

Rejection it is for the highest good for all parties. When you are rejected or you reject another, it is for the highest good for all souls. There are soul contracts involved and trajectories. Nothing happens by accident or random my Scooby Doo Detectives. Your higherself can see and have access to all the lives you are living in the multiverse and is ALWAYS lovingly guiding you. Trust the rejection was for your highest good. Examine what parts of yourself you are rejecting for you judge them as wrong and bad. It is a false belief that you are unloved or unwanted. You are a being of light and love that is having a physical incarnation. You are so loved, you can't even imagine how loved you truly are.

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