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Being responsible . . . it may not be what you think

Being responsible and accountable seems like a no brainer. We all have been rewarded and praised when we acted responsible and accountable. It feels good. So you can imagine my surprise when Spirit asked me to let go being responsible for others and to focus on me. Of course I resisted it. I'm a good girl and a responsible adult. In fact I would get mad when others didn't behave or act responsible.

And so . . . from a higher perspective we would like to discuss this idea of being responsible. Ready for a douzy . . you are not responsible for another. Not even your kids, I know crazy right?!? Isabelle Zimmerman what are you saying?

As an operations girl I have to look at the design of the system. It helps me understand its efficiency and flow. We are in a system folks, whether you believe it or not.

  • Your a multi-dimensional being

  • You have an innerbeing or higherself

  • Everything that appears in your physical reality is for you

  • The purpose of life is for experiences and SOUL growth

  • You are connected to EVERYTHING, separation is an illusion

  • You are eternal and you experience loss in the illusion

Now I want you to look at those bullet items and breathe through your heart for a moment. Imagine breathing through you heart nice and easy. Allow your mind to drift and ask am I responsible for another? And yes, please stop reading and do this exercise. Give it a whirl.

What did you feel? What was the answer you received?

My beautiful friend. You are responsible for your vibration. You are responsible for your perception. You are responsible for doing the work, moving from fear to love. You are responsible for dropping resistance to what is. You are responsible for you, my love, and only you. Yes, you can be in service. When you are in service you are not tied to the outcome. You are in service out of joy an expression of your love. This is BEING in the frequency of love.

My Scooby Doo Detective, can you soften your responsibilities in this physical world and see that amazingly the world does not implode? Can you ask yourself are you being responsible in fear or love? I'm going to say this to you and you may not believe it but everything works out perfectly. You can relax, try it. Take a small step and soften that idea that you have to be a responsible human.

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