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Back to basics

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Isabelle you seem so confident in your psychic abilities how did you get that way? If you been reading my blogs we have touched upon this but it is nice to have it simplified.

  1. You are a SOUL having a human experience, meaning you are physically incarnated into a body.

  2. You choose your parents, when and where you born.

  3. You even choose your name, so look up the meaning of your name friends for it holds a clue.

  4. Before you were born you set pre-birth intentions, what you wanted to explore.

  5. You came here to expand all that is.

  6. You came here for experiences and greater understanding.

  7. You came here for SOUL growth.

You may not believe this, but you are a very experienced SOUL in order to be born here on Earth. The Universe or Multiverse is vast and many entities wanted to be here. You have a field of experience, your SOUL's energy, that is a match. This reality is very dense. We call this level of consciousness 3D. To read more

When you choose to be incarnated you knew the paradigm that you would not remember who you truly are, that you will feel very separate, and be in a state of consciousness of duality and polarity. I think of it as binary code being on or off versus quantum state being both on and off and once. This polarity is the consciousness of us vs. them, right and wrong, abundance and lack, evil and good, life and death, etc.

Your awakening is moving your level of consciousness from 3D, by examining your beliefs and letting go judgement and moving into love and oneness. If you are reading this, you are either awake or it is time for you to awake.

When you are triggered, you are judging something as wrong. You were tied to an expectation, this is when I you to play the SCC game.

  • STOP - Nothing is random.

  • CURIOUS - Take a stance of curiosity. This has been attracted to your reality through your vibration and beliefs. It is actually for your highest good.

  • CLUE - What is the message? There is a message and clue showing you a limiting belief or a message from your non physical peeps.

Let's dive into it a little deeper.

Red flag is up. I am mad, disappointed, upset or frustrated. This is when you STOP or PAUSE.

I've just been criticized by a dear friend and I let her down. I am feeling shame, blame and guilt. I now take a stance of curiosity. This is happening for both us for our highest good. What is it? What roles are we playing for each other? Am I responsible for another? Yes, I hold this belief. Is it true? Did I voice what I wanted? I know I love my friend and were my actions based in love or fear? Can I express my emotions and apologize?

Here is the thing my friend being responsible for another is a very deep belief of mine. I have to soften it. Remember I am a former fixer and people pleaser. I am a lightworker. I am in service to humanity so this is a very big belief for me, even though I understand intellectually I do not feel it. Everyone has an innerbeing and is completely supported and cared for just like I am. I am not responsible for another, but rather I choose to be.

My message from this event we call it a manifestation event is that I am responsible for others. I do not express what I want and communicate it. And here comes the healing. I spoke to my friend that I love dearly and apologized and expressed my fears, being vulnerable. I did not mean to hurt her and we had an open conversation.

I forgave myself. I did nothing wrong and neither did she. All is perfect we were playing roles for each other and mirroring out beliefs. There is no need for blame, shame and guilt. I can let go of these judgements. These judgements are based in fear of me not doing enough, being enough, being wrong. These judgements are not true about me. For the truth is we are all magnificent beings of love.

If you can't have a conversation with the person, start with writing it down. Write a letter. You do not need to send it. But this is good practice for you to get in touch with your emotions and beliefs. Get out of your head and put it on paper. Having the conversation over and over in your mind does not work because your Ego most likely will be running the show.

Be brave and courageous. Look at your life with a new perspective. Be a Scooby Doo Detective. Love you my fellow SOUL.

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