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Spirit Communicates in Symbols and Patterns

When I first discovered I had an innerbeing or higherself, I wasn't sure what that truly meant. I knew I had a SOUL . . . sure I continue to exists after I die in different forms, but how does that help me now? And what's up with Spirit Guides? This idea that we are being helped and guided has entered my physical reality through religion, movies, TV, friends and family. . . But why can't I see my guides and hear them? Can you relate?

Right now, look around. What do you see? Can you see radio waves? They are all around you. How about infrared light? Do your eyes detect the heat signature from your own body? No? That's because we can only see visible light, a small range in the spectrum, and need other devices or tools to detect the unseen.

Our guides and innerbeings exists, they are just unseen. We do have access to our guides and innerbeings, we were just not taught how to connect and communicate, that's all. There are many levels of consciousness and as you raise your vibration or bring it into balance and harmony, you gain access to greater understanding. Remember the Multiverse works in frequency and vibration, as everything is energy. We are energy. Matter is the outcome of energy.

Let's jump back into your guides and innerbeings. They are ALWAYS communicating and sending messages. You may not be aware of these messages. As humans we rationalize spirit communication as coincidences. Even when message are blatant, we chalk it off as 'that's was weird' and go about our day.

How does spirit communicate with us? Symbolism and patterns that's how. Some of you find feathers, pennies, or even hear a song that has a message. Nothing is RANDOM. I get it . . . it feels so random. Pam Grout's book E-Squared, is great to help you play with the Universe. It helped me.

Spirit communicates in our dream, that's because our resistance is down. It is our EGO that jumps in with doubt and fear. Our EGO does so to keep us safe and small. That's a whole another blog get into.

How does Spirit communicate with me in symbols and patterns? I can't tell you how many yellow cars I see. Yellow jeeps represents Isis for me and bright green jeeps and cars represents Ashlam. And of course I find hearts everywhere, including rocks that are in the shapes of hearts. We also feel communication in our bodies, as chills, goosebumps or even tearing eyes.

If you keep seeing the same word or image within a day or week? That is a pattern and message. How about seeing a lot of the same color? Yup so many messages are being sent if we just noticed. So be curious my Scooby Doo Detectives. Your guides are helping and supporting you. You are so loved! The next time you see a butterfly or dragonfly, pay attention. Look up the spiritual meaning of these little messages. What about seeing Hawks? Or even a bear video coming up in your feed. Yup, even your Facebook, Instagram feeds are clues. Now pay attention! Be aware, look for the signs. I guarantee they are out there!

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Andrew Bishop
Andrew Bishop
Sep 07, 2021

I love this! For the past few years I’ve been seeing lots of numbers but lately I’ve been seeing a LOT of deep turquoise which symbolizes love, safety, and Yeshua to me. My favorite synchronicity lately was seeing a big, turquoise astrovan after stumbling upon a song that talks about Jesus driving an astrovan. The signs and synchronicities are out there! Thanks for sharing! ❤️

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