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Casey's 3rd Session and Review

From self talk, an ancient star Dschubbaba, shroeder's equation, to seeing signs. Seeing the connection and possibilities. I receive confirmation that indeed Ashlam is sending me signs, here is an image of bright green unusual car. I had just pushed past a fear and was not tied to the outcome and I looked behind me where I was parked at the gas station and laughed. They can be quick with encouragement. There is a lot more going on that what you see my friends. When you open to the subtle energy of our beings of light or celestial beings there is much wonder and magic to be had.

Everything is in energy and energy travel in waves. Schrodinger was the first person to write down such a wave equation. The wave equation were shown to be equal to the energy levels of the quantum mechanical system, and the best test of the equation was when it was used to solve for the energy levels of the Hydrogen atom, and the energy levels were found to be in accord with Rydberg's Law. After much debate, the wavefunction is now accepted to be a probability distribution. The Schrodinger equation is used to find the allowed energy levels of quantum mechanical systems (such as atoms, or transistors). The associated wavefunction gives the probability of finding the particle at a certain position.

This is a good video for you to understand this equation.

To see the star check out this link.

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