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Do you defend your beliefs?

Do you defend your beliefs? Do you try to convince another that your belief is true and right? Do you get mad if someone doesn't have the same belief as you? Do you think they are crazy and wrong? Are you confused as to why the other can't see how wrong they are? How does it make you feel? Is the other person judging you wrong?

Let's look at it from the other end of the spectrum. If someone does believe what you believe how does that make you feel? Do you feel a kinship? Can you relate to that person? Does it validate the feeling you are right? Does it justify your actions?

A strong belief of mine was parents should not enable their children, that we should raise children to be independent and productive. Notice I use the word should. A clue that my ego is running the show. When I use words like should, could and would, my frequency is based in fear. I have gaps of understanding from this perspective. I am judging. What!?! Isabelle Zimmerman I have this same belief!

I'm going to share these two big concepts.

  1. There is no wrong in the Universe. What?! What about . . . . I know my love it doesn't make sense what we experience here. The pain and suffering, the us vs. them, wrong and right, all the loss of love, life, safety and security.

  2. When I judge myself right or wrong I am deepening the separation, duality and polarity of the third dimension paradigm. We call this the illusion or the veil.

In this moment how do you feel. Get in touch with your emotions right now. Are you upset, surprised, disbelief, calm? These emotions are clues. When you are feeling negative emotion all it means that you are not aligned with your innerbeing. You have a limiting belief. When you have someone judging your belief as wrong, if you drill down and examine the feeling, you do not feel safe. When another has the same belief as you, if you drill down and examine the feeling, you feel secure.

Safety and security drives a lot of our choices, actions and experiences. When you defend your beliefs you just want to feel secure. And that's ok. Remember there is no wrong in the Universe.

What about my belief having children independent and productive? How can that not be right? The child and parent have a Soul Contracts. I do not know what they came here to explore in this life. The child in another life might have been a wife that tended to her ill husband for decades, and when they came into this incarnation, the wife is now the child and the husband now the parent. The SOULS involved wanted a greater understanding, what does it feels like to be cared for, and what does it feels like to care for another? There is no need for me to judge. These two humans will birth new desires. They are being lovingly guided and supported by their innerbeings. I can allow my belief to soften. Meaning it is not a black and white, right and wrong. My judgement has softened. I am moving into the frequency of LOVE. Becoming more aligned with my innerbeing.

Ready for a Scooby Doo Detective challenge? Do you need another to make you feel secure? Do you need to defend your beliefs because you feel threatened? Can you feel safe and secure no matter what?

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