Do you believe you have a soul?

If you asked me how I got to the place of channeling celestial beings I guess I was always open to the idea we had a soul. My mother was raised in a convent during world war II in Paris. She had books around the house on ESP and reincarnation. She would tell me stories how the nuns told her to pray to Mother Mary and my mother asked why are we not praying to Jesus and got in trouble. There are other stories and let's say she didn't have a great experience but she had me baptized as Catholic. I wasn't raised Catholic instead my mom took me to churches, not to pray but rather for the architectural splendor and art and of course the stain glass.

This idea of reincarnation made sense to me. Everything recycles and why not us? The sun came from a super nova from a prior sun. The idea of energy transforms into a new form seems a natural order. . . if we are energy and maybe we just transform into a new form or person? This led me to study religion in High School and College. Joseph Campbell was a big influence on me. He is known for the Hero's Journey. He dedicated his life to study all religions and mythology, and his knowledge was robust and vast. Joseph Campbell was a great scholar.

I had seen how other religions adapted the concept of reincarnation and even early Catholicism had but later evolved to not believing in reincarnation. Now because I believed we had a soul, I believed in ghosts. I then delved into the paranormal world and to tell you the truth I was a bit scared. That is one of the reasons why I was so resistant to meditating, I didn't want to play with fire. I didn't want to go into that spirit world, it was the unknown.

Science got me to study that unknow world through the study of Quantum Physics. I dived into the study of Energy and wow . . . it is amazing and magical. Through the understanding of science I understood that energy and all that is not lost. It just goes from being seen to unseen back to seen and so forth.

There were many steps along the way before I connected with my innerbeing (my soul) and other souls (celestial beings). Or as I like to refer to them as my non physical peeps. Going inward and connecting is magical and can't be described. It is one of greatest passions to facilitate that connection in others. Your soul is eternal and has access to so much. Believing that you have a soul is a start. If you don't believe you have a soul then why would you want to connect?

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