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You are Powerful but do you feel it? Do you feel powerless?

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

I've created this meditation to help you connect to that time when you felt powerless. We all have felt powerless and if we did not feel the emotion at the time and resolved it, it becomes come stuck energetically. We are going to do a little magic. All you have to do is listen to my voice and follow along. Be open and allow any thought come to you. You are being guided and cared for by your SOUL. The story behind this inspired meditation. I saw my own past life of a woman with long dark hair and dress. We were in a prison made of stone and dirt. It looked like I was at a bottom of a well with a grate on top. I knew I was exposed to all the elements of rain and cold. My nails were dirty, chipped and broken, as I had tried to claw my way out. I felt such despair. In that moment I saw how brave and courageous I was to all my spirt to feel such powerlessness and isolation. I did not die in that prison but in that life I never felt powerful. So I bring you this meditation to assist transmuting that stuck energy of powerlessness to love. You are powerful, you have just forgotten.

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