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Why is being vulnerable so darn hard?

I don't know about you but being vulnerable is hard even for me. Sure it is cool being mentored by Spirit or my non physical peeps but I still have to do the work and feel it all.

This concept of being vulnerable has been sent to me a million times. And it still took years to practice being vulnerable for it takes tremendous courage and bravery.

Ever heard the saying 'Never let them see you sweat?' Yup I believed that one deeply. My mother was the type that when you were down, she kicked you harder. I think it was instinctive to her, like a Lion hunting for weak prey. My mother . . . she was not aware and in fear she was triggered and reacted in that manner. I'm sure she had some limiting beliefs around this too.

  • Your beliefs create your reality (your experience)

  • The Universe works in frequency and vibration

  • I am NOT responsible for others fears, only my own.

Little Isabelle endured the trauma and will instinctively not want me to be vulnerable. My ego will jump in and protect me, either by suppressing emotions, deflect or giving me the urge to run. This is why it is hard to be vulnerable, you have aspects of you in the background running the show even if you do not realize it.

Being vulnerable is a process and practice. Feel all of it!?! You know the feeling of rejection, not being picked, not being liked, not feeling secure . . . you get it. All fear is the loss of love when you drill down to it.

Being single and stepping into the arena I had left long ago. Even though I'm different than that young girl in her twenties, here I am faced with similar fears. Being in IT, I've been the only girl on many teams. And the higher you go up in the corporate ladder typically it is all men. I love the guys but they were always friends. I didn't have to date them. And wow men and woman are so different in their perceptions and communication styles. Being friends with guys they can be more open, but add sex to it . . Jeez.

If you are male reading this let me share a common female experience . . . we go like fifty steps ahead and create all these expectations. It really might be a miracle we connect at all.

Liking someone or not liking someone makes me feel super vulnerable. It brings up my fears and little Isabelle wants to hide and my ego has me looking cool and confident . . ha ha ha.

It is ok if you are scared. It is ok to feel uncomfortable and fear. It is ok to cry even if you don't know why. If you can't allow yourself to feel, because it is too big of a step, write it down. No one needs to read it or see it. This is good practice for you to get in touch with what you are feeling. I still do this practice because sometimes I hide things from myself and the act of writing helps me.

Be brave my Scooby Doo Detectives. Try to get in touch with being vulnerable. There is great strength and power being vulnerable. Not to mention how it heals all of us.

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