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Where does inspiration come from?

Have you ever really thought about the mechanism of inspiration? Where does it come from? Is it just an idea that popped into your head? Does it feel like it came from outside of you? Like it came out of nowhere?

You do not manufacture thoughts. You attract thoughts through your vibration. Consciousness is not inside of your brain. your brain perceives consciousness. Your brain then processes, filters, interprets and a dash of other functions that you experience. Just like your human eye filters and interprets visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum. The EM spectrum exists whether your eye detects it or not, X-rays, infrared radiation, microwaves, etc.

Inspiration comes from the Divine. Yup . . . your Soul/Spirit Guides are nudging you to move more into love. What is the difference between an urge vs. inspiration, you ask?

Inspiration has an element of excitement, enjoyment, curiosity, passion. Urges has elements of control and fear, to change the condition, or to fix a problem. Inspiration is based in love and urges are based in fear.

Inspiration is Divine. The Divine inspires us all the time from 'look over here' to 'call a friend.' This blog was inspired. Could I have not written it? Not acted upon it? Sure, easy peasy to push away inspiration but here's a secret. Do you want to know the secret?

When you act on inspiration, you are aligned with your innerbeing. You are in the flow. You had to push past fear (resistance), in order to act on the inspiration, you then expanded. When you keep on acting on inspiration, you are moving and expanding more into the frequency of love. Your innerbeing flows more and more inspiration because you are acting on it. The next thing you know you are in a state of bliss and joy. You are not resisting your own energy. Pretty cool right? Want to act on inspiration? Yes you do!

Notice your inspiration. Develop that awareness. Then act on inspiration as soon as you can, it seems the longer we wait the probability diminishes. Stay in the play and fun feeling. Don't beat yourself up if you did not act on an inspiration, that lowers your vibration. Your non-physical team will keep inspiring you. Just play and get aligned. It is so worth it!

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