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When you feel discouraged . . .

The other day I felt discouraged. Isabelle Zimmerman no way you are always so positive! Yup, I did. Why did I feel discouraged? Well I create a lot of content, teach and encourage and asked myself am I making a difference? Does it really matter if I write these blogs, create videos, courses, t-shirts and stickers!

I felt like I wasn't making a dent. So much of humanity is in fear, stress and anxiety. It was Athena that came to me and guided me to go into the feeling. Yes, this is advanced stuff, but you can handle it. Ok, so I went into the feeling . . . and felt . . . does it matter what I do? What if I don't pass these teachings along? What if I stopped and did something else? What if I did nothing at all. How would that feel?


If I did nothing at all I would be free. And then I started to laugh . . . I had been tied to the outcome. You see my beautiful friend you are on your own journey. You are perfect as is. You do not need to change. I create because it is my passion. I love teaching! I love sparking others to their own understanding and awakening to a higher consciousness.

And so my discouragement became my freedom. I can accept this emotion of being discouraged. Athena also said that I can't not feel encouraged all the time, there is a balance to emotions. Discouragement and encouragement are two sides of the same coin. Both emotions are beautiful and necessary. Why would I not want to feel both she asked? It is natural to push emotions we do not prefer.

Scooby Detectives here is the challenge for you if you feel an emotion that you do not prefer can you not try to push it away? Can you allow it and feel it even if it is uncomfortable? See what happens, this is dropping resistance. Practicing dropping resistance is a very important step. So give it a whirl and do not push away these emotions instead accept them. This is phase one and will work on the next steps later. There are phases and understanding with these teachings. We are going to ease into them, and why not? It is more fun that way!

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