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What happens when you are triggered?

Recently I felt hurt and mad at once. I noticed that my little girl inside of me was hurt and sad. My ego on the other hand wanted to say F*!@# . . .

What is interesting is that both aspects of me, even though the emotions were different had resulted in similar behavior. My little girl inside of me wanted to hide, not be seen. And my ego wanted to walk away, both wanting to avoid.

Is it hard to face what is bothering you? To uncover your limiting belief? Yes and no, it does get easier with practice. It is worth it, but until you do the work . . . well, it is like describing what love feels like, when you haven't had the experience of being in love.

What did I want to avoid? Loss of love.

At times it is surreal being psychic. I get glimpses of potential outcomes. To not be attached to these outcomes, I would say is Jedi Master level. I have questioned as to why I receive these glimpses. There are always many layers and reasons.

Personally, I have to reel my mind from going into the what ifs, the future that has not formed. On top of it, I've been trained to know contingency plans, risk plans, forecast, etc. And I was good at it, the irony of life.

Doing shadow work, soulwork, or therapy, whatever you wish to call it, takes courage. You have to be brutally honest with yourself and acknowledge what you are feeling without judgement of yourself or another.

I tend to write this process out, or even sometimes draw little cartoons. Getting it out on paper will slow down the ego mind and prevent you from being in the loop, ya know the same thought over and over again.

Because I have worked and been assisted with other energy healers, channelers, Faster EFT (emotional focused transformation), hypnosis and a slew of other modalities, I have a greater understanding of the subconscious. Our inner child and ego are very real aspects of us. We have the ability to talk to these aspects of ourselves. It is very healing and transformative.

It always cracks me up that when doing my inner work, my guides are cricket cricket silent. When finished they swoop in and we go over the work I did and to tell you the truth, I love it. I receive clarity and deeper understanding.

What was my deeper understanding? That all paths are equally beautiful. Not one outcome is better than the other, they are just different. It is our perception that determines what is better than another. We always have the choice to see it in love or fear. Incase you didn't know or need reminding, it is ALL LOVE.

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