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Trying something new . . . why does it feel so weird!

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

So here I am back in the dating world and nope I didn't expect to be. I love my wasband and grateful for the time we had together. Our SOUL paths are different that's all friends. There are cycles and phases in life, it is part of nature. I am happy to be mentored by the non physical beings and it is my honor to pass these teachings to you.

For me I am experiencing a lot of new and letting go of control. I am practicing being in the moment and having no attachments or expectations. Being in gratitude and taking a stance of curiosity. All the ideas of what a relationship should be, how it should be, how it should unfold, how one should respond, etc. Notice all the shoulds? I am in the process of releasing and softening these beliefs. Isabelle Zimmerman why would you even want to do that? Magic. It is all for magic, because magic is SUPER FUN!!!

This goes for all of you reading this. Yes, I'm exploring dating, but it really is about connecting to all the folks that come and go in your reality, co-workers, strangers, telemarketers and even your kids friends. It is natural for you to make an assessment about a person, but these assessments are filtered through you.

Let's play a game. Anyone that you connect with, email, call, text, virtual or in person, can you pause and see them as an aspect of you? Be a Scooby Doo Detective and look for a similarity that you have within you. You might even encounter something you do not prefer about yourself and that's ok. Make sure you also notice something you do prefer to balance it out. You are both my dear and that makes you so beautiful and unique. Your imperfections that you do not like makes you brilliant and sparkle. You just don't believe it.

So why does trying something new feels weird? I think it is a mixture of being awkward, wanting to hide, being vulnerable and discovering unknown aspects of me.

It is also the fear of being judged and judging. And it is all ok.

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