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There is no lack in the Universe. What?!?

When I heard this concept for the first time I was stunned. I really believed in finite resource. Finite, absolute, concreate, no way in hell there is no lack. I've experienced lack and loss. Haven't you?

Isabelle Zimmerman . . . how is there no lack? Well my friend, this is not going to be one blog post around this concept because it is what binds humanity in our experience of the Third Dimension. We came here to experience loss and lack for greater understanding and birthing great desires.

THE ANSWER: All mater is an expression of energy. All energy is infinite as it is SOURCE, one and the same, and SOURCE is eternally expanding. It has no beginning or end.

It is ok, if you don't understand the answer and even if you did that doesn't mean you feel it and know it. My beautiful friend, it is a process.

As me, Isabelle, I didn't feel abundant around money. It felt as fast as money appeared it evaporated. I would often joke, jeez what's up with money taking weeks to earn and hours to spend? Feel the same way? Yes? No?

Lack of abundance has so many little tentacles to it. Do you feel worthy? Do you allow yourself to receive? Do you believe you have to earn money? Do you believe money corrupts? Do you believe money is the root of all evil? Do you believe money will make you powerful? If you only had money you would do X, Y and Z. Are you attached to money? Do you believe having money you will be successful? Do you associate money with love? How much money you have relates to how happy you are?

This is a deep one my love and we are going to take bite sizes. The hardest one for me to soften was that I had to earn money. Working hard was a good thing. Worthiness was tied to my career and job. My career was tied to my identity . . .And down the rabbit hole I go . . .

Here's a trick: To soften a belief.

I ask myself is this true for everyone one on earth? Does every human have to earn money? I'm not going to give you the answer to this one friend, because this is a good practice for you. Just keeping asking is it true for all humans (all ages) to earn money? (OK, I couldn't resist giving you a clue)

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