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The other side of our pain

What if I told you that your pain that you endured was necessary? Would you tell me otherwise? Would you ask me why? Would you walk away in disbelief?

It is weird for me to tell you that your pain, loss of love, trust, lack of health, lack of abundance, falsely accused, abused, death and I mean all of it, there is more to your story, your experience.

Imagine you digging a hole in the mud. You are not sure why you are digging hole, but you keep on digging, so much so you a knee deep in mud. And yet you can't stop, you keep digging and digging. You ask yourself why? Why can't I stop, why am I doing this. You keep digging, so much so you now find yourself inside a deep hole. You are covered in mud, you are exhausted and yet you continue to dig. The hole gets wider and deeper.

Now it starts to rain. So much rain is pouring in, that you are trying to claw you way out of the deep hole of mud, that you slide back down. It is scary if not terrifying. Then when you think you will drown from it all, you surrender. You float on your back, allowing the rain to hit your body. It is your dark night of the soul. Just when you think you will drown, you find yourself floating to the top. You are able to reach the bank. You can't believe you are alive.

A peace and calm comes over you. The rain stops and the sun comes out. You see a rainbow and a beautiful bird lands drinking from the pool you dug. As you sit in the stillness, other animals start to drink from the fresh water. You notice the grass, the trees and even flowers surrounding you. From your pain and suffering beauty was created.

You might not be able to see the beauty in the pain but may you have the courage to float to the top and let go of the muck. You are not the muck, you are a powerful creator. You have just forgotten, that's all.

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