PodCast #4 Casey's Second Session

Here's that image that I mention in the PodCast #4 as I was writing the script. Self-love, self-care has been a theme lately in my life. The importance of this at first, was lost to me in a way . . . now I have a greater understanding. When you can accept all parts of yourself and see yourself as beautiful and magnificent . . . at first you want to push back on this concept . . . because let's face it folks, we have experienced criticism from all areas of our lives. Right?

This is what they shared with me. I hope I can articulate this for you. I want you to draw a circle on a white piece of paper. That circle represents all your Pros and it is beautiful but one dimensional. Now I want you to shade in that circle to give it form and shape. That shading is the contrast, are your cons. What circle would you rather experience?

Hint: You've all chosen the sphere friends, the multi-dimensional one. That's because you are alive and reading this LOL.

Love you! See the Wonder and Magic of it all my friends.

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