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Men who cry are powerful

My beautiful male friends, I've worked with you side by side for so many years. I can't thank you enough our great conversations and teaching me the unspoken code. There is a pecking order that you adhere to and boy do you love to stare into fires. I love how you quote movies to express your feelings, or lines from songs. Your gaming and porn are charming to me. And . . . .

Somewhere along the way we taught you that crying was wrong and that it was a sign of weakness. My friend, this is so far from the truth I find it ironic. Being sensitive is powerful. You are feeling energy through emotions and it is a fine tuned instrument. Emotions are a technology.

Isabelle Zimmerman what do you mean emotions are a technology? The word technology comes from the Greek word tekhnologia, meaning "systematic treatment of an art, craft, or technique." Logy means "to speak, tell.

When you use emotions as technique, craft an art to navigate this physical reality, it is powerful. How so? Just like any navigation system, it holds a lot of information. And a lot of men are disconnected or are overwhelmed with their navigation system. When you feel intense dense emotions without the understanding, depression, anxiety, it can lead to addictions.

Your heart is way more than just an organ in the center of your chest. The design of the heart is to feel it all. When feelings are not expressed, they are stored within the body. Candace Pert PhD research and books can help you understand the design and mechanism through science.

And so when you do not cry, you are weakening your own power.

This disconnect between the mind and heart does not serve you. The imbalance of the divine masculine and feminine leaves you lost and confused. Your emotions do not define you as bad or broken. There is nothing wrong with you.

You were just not taught how to use the technology of emotions.

What should you do now? Depending on where you are in the understanding the first step is acknowledging how you feel. Let go of the judgement of any emotion that comes up. Yes that includes, shame, sadness, depression, anxiety, lack of self worth etc. When these emotions come up I would like for you to write it down. It matters not where, when, or how often, but WRITE it down. Why? Because you will be getting in touch with your emotions and seeing a pattern. Below are some examples.

Right now I am feeling sad and depressed.

Right now I am feeling like it will be ok.

right now I am feeling alone.

Right now I am feeling ok.

Remember, you are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. You just have a gap of understanding.

Scooby Doo Detectives. Why are we ok with the emotions of joy, happiness and gratitude. Yes these emotions feel good but why else?

Answer: You are aligned with your innerbeing

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