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Let's talk about rules

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Often messages are received when showering from spirit! Other psychic friends experience this too and even other scientist will come up with a solution in the shower. Why the shower?

We are usually alone and not disturbed for a brief period of time. Water is a good conductor for connection. Water also has healing and cleansing properties. A lot of religions use water in rituals, such as blessing and baptizing.

So what was my message I received in the shower? My diet! . . . and rules. Recently I started playing with my friend Tracy and following a macro diet. We cook chicken a certain way and even eat plain steamed broccoli. You weigh your protein, measure your carbohydrates, basically log and track what you eat. I even downloaded the App My Fitness Pal for ease of tracking in earnest. And to my surprise when Spirit swooped in taking a shower, I am passing this teaching along to you, once again, it feels counter intuitive.

If you ever have used My Fitness Pal, you will see all sorts of diet plans, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Calorie Reduction, Plant Based, High Protein, etc. And guess what? They all work. Why? Diets will initially work if you believe it will work and focus your energy. Now this might be shocking, but if you believed eating special chocolate cake three times a day to boost your metabolism along with walking, you would loose weight. Yup it is true. The reason why diets for most of us do not work in the long run, it is because our focused energy wanes and we did not change our beliefs.

I was in the precipice of creating many rules for me to follow and that's what I want to discuss. For the past four years I have been examining rules and softening them. Rules of society are in flux, we have many rules that assist and limit us. We have been condition to follow rules without thought and this is ok . . . but some rules can create a lot of control and fear. Isabelle Zimmerman are you saying rules are bad?

Rules makes the game fun! It creates a challenge for play, if it was too easy, it would not be as much fun. Even the Spirit Realm have rules too. One rule that Angels follow . . . we must ask for help. We have free will therefore; they can't intervene unless we ask. There is a little more to it, but I'm going to keep it simple for now.

We impose a lot of rules in our daily lives. Some rules are silly, like not wearing white after labor day, ordering only salad, or you have to make your bed every morning. You get the idea right? Other rules are helpful like traffic lights. Are you imposing rules on yourself? Are they empowering or limiting?

Back to the shower message. Spirit asked me to pause and examine the rules I was about to impose on myself. Instead they wished for me to focus on the fun. To focus how my body responded, tap in, tune into my own energy and feelings. Is it fun eating the chicken cooked a certain way? Yes. How does my body feel after I eat the chicken? Good. Full steam ahead. Great. How do I feel logging my food intake and exercise? Fun? Effort? Ahhhh. . . . pause. I am having fun going to the gym lifting weights with Tracy. She is a beast! We are playing and laughing. "My child, play, play play. You love to dance, hike, and eat. There is no wrong, you know this. The food you eat does not matter, it is your joy and alignment that is more powerful than any rules or diet you impose on yourself."

Then I laughed, shaking my head, because it was so easy to get swept into rules upon rules game. Chase the fun the joy in life. We impose so many rules and limits, we love telling ourselves NO. Expand your world and perspective!

Ready my Scooby Doo Detectives? Can you drop a self imposed rule you follow or at the very least examine if it is empowering or limiting? Does the rule make the game more fun? Are you playing? Are you having fun?

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