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Is there a readiness factor?

I get asked a lot how I became a psychic. Was I always psychic? We are all psychics I think we are not aware as we do not develop our connection with our intuition . . . our innerbeing. Psychic just means human soul, it originates from the Greek word psykhikos "of the soul, spirt, or mind" and we all have our version or idea around being psychic. It almost feels like a charged word in our society that holds so many clues around our beliefs and fears.

We are spirit having a human experience and you and me choose to be here now. How could I not love you? I know being here at times is intense.

When I decided to give my notice and take a leap of faith becoming a full time Ascension Teacher, I had to push past a lot of fear. I held the health insurance, steady paycheck, retirement etc. I may not be the first person to ever leave a corporate gig to follow their passion . . . but yeah, it did take tremendous courage and faith. I could not not do it. Before I told the world of my decision, I had a sit down talk with myself and brought in little Isabelle (my innerchild) and the aspect of my Ego. To these aspects I said, "I know we are scared beyond scared and it feels like we are going to die. Or at the very least, be homeless and starving, but it is time. It is time for me to gather the teachers. It is time for me to teach. Even if this kill us, I want go for it full force. Are you in?" And that's when I saw these aspects of myself put their hands in, and I put mine on top. "One for all and all for one. Break!" The next day I told my family and manager.

There was a readiness factor. I didn't have the courage for about six months, maybe even longer but I can tell you when I was ready I knew. And that's what I want to share with you. We beat ourselves up a lot. That little critical voice that plays in the background. Why didn't I . . . X, Y or Z. Or I should have done X, Y or Z. I'm not saying I do not want you to push past fear and follow inspiration. I had a lot of practice pushing past fear before I took this jump. Creating a website, Facebook group, starting a podcast, coming out of the closet being a psychic.

If you are at crossroads in your life, there will always be fear my friend. It is the design created by SOURCE. So good luck trying to avoid it. It is how we all expand and grow, it really is ingenious but that's for another blog. Don't beat yourself if you are not ready, but DON"T GIVE UP. Continue taking small steps, practice pushing past little fears. I know you might feel like you are going to die and the world will end, but there is something magical taking a leap of faith and believing in yourself. Faith that you will figure it out, faith in your own power and faith in the universe. I can tell you as your soul sister it is priceless. No amount of money or human can give you this feeling.

And so my Scooby Doo Detective, what little fear or big fear (if your ready) are going to push past?

And yeah . . . I'm cheering you on! Why? Duh . . . because I have faith in you.

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