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I dare you to make fun a priority!

Isn't it funny that we do not make fun a priority. What are some of your beliefs around this? I have too much to do? I don't have time. Other things are more important? I just want to relax and do nothing? I want to check out for a few minutes? What do you mean fun?

Some of us even wait to go on vacation to have fun, or at the very least the weekends. But that's is not what I want to share with you. When spirit constantly spoke to me about play, fun and creativity, it eventually sunk in. Yup I too was resistant in having fun. I actually thought I was having fun so why was spirit reminding me like every day? With spirit I can tell you the lessons are always deep, a multi prong approach. There are different intensity levels of fun, and it is in the frequency of love. For example Fun can also be feeling enjoyment. Enjoying a good meal, or a good book. Fun is even watching a good show or movie. You know when you are having fun or enjoying something when time disappears, you are fully present and engaged. So are you having fun? Or are you multi-tasking? Is your mind somewhere else?

Are you having fun everyday? Not sure? Yes? No? Sometimes? For now, I want you to a pay attention when you are having fun. Be aware and be fully present enjoying and playing. This will raise your vibration if you start this practice. And do you know why we want your vibration to be raised? More fun and joy! If you make fun a priority guess what happens? You also choose yourself first. You might invite other folks to join your fun, but you are acting on inspiration and excitement. When you are having fun, you can feel a sense of freedom, or maybe you are acting silly. When was the last time you were silly? Some of you out there got this one, but a lot of us takes ourselves way too seriously.

Life is not a chore, I know shocking. You came here to be incarnated for experiences and greater understanding, to expand in joy. It doesn't matter if you do not believe this . . . can you make fun a priority? Are you feeling resistance? Are you telling yourself no? Is this mere thought stressing you out? These are all clues to your vibration dear one.

Now in a few moments you are going to be pulled into life. Right now decide what you are going to do today to have fun and for an extra challenge pick what you are going to do tomorrow. Can you do two days in a row? Remember fun can be painting, playing a video game, knitting even. In order for it to count you have to be fully engaged, no MULTI-TASKING!

I would love to hear from you and what you did!

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