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Have you experienced something you can't explain?

Isn't it curious we are not taught that we have innerbeings or that there is higher levels of consciousness? Religion talks about God and Angels but I don't think they discuss innerbeings? My understanding of levels of consciousness came through science. If you are interested you can read the Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot based on the work of David Bohm a great scientist, I posted the PDF in Attracting Wisdom Facebook group

I am a mad researcher and love science. It helps me understand the metaphysical and sometimes the nonphysical peeps help me understand the science!

Let's get back to the question. Have you ever experienced something you can't explain? All of us . . . yup even you . . . has had an experience from the divine, the nonphysical, spirit. We experienced something we can't explain. We either saw something, felt something, had an experienced that was out of the ordinary.

Looking back, I can see I have had several but only noticed one or two. (Spirit is saying my entire existence has been spiritual . . .that's for another blog)

Want to know one of my weird experiences? (Albeit before I was aware?)

One late night driving home suddenly felt a presence in my car. Classic rock playing on the radio. Was someone there? My mother's warning popped in, "Isabelle always check your backseat" Glancing behind me, the seat was empty. The urge to change the music came over me, to something current. Coming to a stop sign I gained the courage to to turn on the interior light. Turning around and checked. Empty. The energy I felt stayed until I got close to my house then left. The thought it was curious and wanted to come for a ride. I didn't say anything to anyone, not until it happened again.

Driving home late at night, the rock station on, I felt the presence in the back of the car. Quickly I turned on the interior light and checked. Empty. Then received an image of a young teenager, with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a jean jacket and jeans. Chills ran through my body and was feeling freaked out. The next day I confessed to what happened to my girlfriend. I didn't want to drive late from her home. It never happened during the day I told her. She asked if I felt the presence immediately leaving her house. That's when I realized it was passing Keystone Road the invisible hitchhiker enters the car. She became very quiet. I shared what I sensed describing the boy teenager.

A week later my friend confesses. In the 1980s a tragedy occurred. A group of teenagers driving in a pick up truck, kids in the back bed, got into a severe accident at the corner of Keystone Road. One of the teenagers that transitioned, had shoulder length brown hair, named Anthony. We found a picture and he was the visitor.

And so the next time Anthony came for a ride, I said out loud, "I'm a little freaked out. I have so lots of humans to help here on this plane and don't think I can help you now. Would you mind not driving with me anymore?" I had sense he wanted help and wasn't ready at that time to explore the spirit world. He never drove with me again.

The spirit world was a SUPER SCARY UKNOWN. Now look at me! I talk to spirt all the time. So my Scooby Doo Detective, what was your experience?

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