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Family tends to be your master teachers

When I first heard that my mother was my master teacher I wasn't sure I really believed it. To put it bluntly I have mommy issues. When I saw the movie Mommy Dearest I cracked up laughing. It was so similar to my experience with my mother. What's up with the hanger issues?

My defense mechanism is to laugh, even in serious moments I tend to laugh to deflect the intensity . . . and yes . . . sometimes it doesn't go over well. Did you ever see a lioness hunt? The lioness chooses the weakest animal. My mother had this instinct if I showed weakness she would go for the kill. I don't think my mother meant to do this but rather she got caught up in the fight.

You choose your family, as a soul agreement. They have put you on your trajectory for soul growth. You have adopted limiting beliefs from your family and inherited ancestral karma. What do I mean by this? Some families explore lack of abundance for many generations or they explore lack of clarity.

I adopted the belief of not being enough. Never good enough, smart enough, fast enough . . . you get it. Now I've worked on this core limiting belief for some years now and I have a greater understanding. You are born worthy, complete and whole. You are enough. If I continue to believe I am not enough I will always chase it.

Family can either tear you down or build you up and in the higher truth they are all an aspect of you. They mirror your fears and desires. They are your master teachers, playing roles for your growth.

I've often described my mother as a tornado, be careful to stay out of her path. Now I am so grateful that she is my mother. I understand on a deeper level of the role she choose to play and our other lives we have lived before. I have learned to choose myself in our relationship. This took time and practice.

Where ever you are in your journey with family . . . know that it is all ok. We all have to work through our lessons with our master teachers. Be gentle on yourself and can you see your trajectory you came here to explore?

Ready for your clue my Scooby Doo Detective? Most master teachers are tasked with teaching to believe in yourself. That you have always been safe, even though you did not feel it. That the lessons that you've encountered has always been for your highest good, even though it may not seem like it. Can you take a little time out today to reflect on your lessons? Nothing is random my dear friend and you are a master too.

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