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Be the explorer astronaut that you are

This Christmas was a new experience for me. I personally made a lot of changes this year of 2021. The big changes on the surface would be, leaving my corporate career, divorcing and moving to another state. But that's not what I want to share with you.

The big changes were an accumulation of little movements. I had to practice taking baby steps. I focused on one step at a time and when my mind ran ahead to the what if scenarios, I gently brought it back to the present moment.

It took me four years to prepare for these big changes in my life. I could not leave my career, husband and daughter until we were all ready. In those four years I experienced tremendous growth and expansion. Some of the growth was painful and intense and other times powerful and joyous.

In year 2021 my personal growth has been about deepening my trust and understanding my worth. This allows me to be in the flow. What do I mean when I say flow? Being in the flow is ease and joy. It feels free. It feels safe and supported.

When I connected to spirit it felt that they were so wise and powerful. They always stated that we are equal and one. But in my heart I felt like the younger kid trying to catch up to the older kids. Over time collaborating with my non-physical team I can see my value sitting at the table.

Working with the non-physical is like working with mission control in Houston. I am the astronaut in outer space and the team assists me. I still have to do the action, push past fear, and explore.

Where ever you are in your journey, you are that astronaut. Where you live, your job, your friends, your family is the playground where you develop and grow. It does not matter if you are aware of your spirit guides or not. It is still up to you how you perceive the world around you. You have full control over your perceptions. You can either resists what is or not. You can have the choice to act on inspiration or not. You can either choose love or fear.

Learning to stand in your own power takes courage and courage is from the heart. It is about self love and acceptance. I had to take thousands of baby steps. Noticing my fears. Noticing my feelings. Allowing my feelings to be. Not judging everything! Becoming aware of the story I tell myself. Examining my beliefs. Seeing how many of my beliefs are limiting. Diving into that rabbit hole and embracing the unknown.

And so my dear friend . . . can you be brave? Can you start to love yourself and believe in you? When you hear that little critical voice can you soften the judgement? Can you take a step towards your dreams? You are so worthy of anything you desire. It is the journey to that desire is where the magic occurs. Along the way you discover more of who truly are and that is priceless.

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