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Are your beliefs true?

I used to commute to work 45 minutes each way and used to listen to NPR or music until I discovered Podcasts and became a podcast junkie. When a subject was explored in a more in-depth way, I was in heaven. One of things that you will get to know about me is that I love to learn just about anything. I am just so darn curious.

Money Plant or Freakonomics Podcasts were my favorite but I went through the content pretty fast. I was on a hunt to listen to another podcast and eventually found (in higher truth I was led) to The Teachings of Joshua. Gary Temple Bodley channels a group of entities that call themselves Joshua. Joshua deep dives into the subject of beliefs. (

At this point of my life, I really never thought about my OWN beliefs. For some reason I just assumed my beliefs were facts of life and to be true. And yet, I understood intellectually this is not possible for all possibilities must exists (Quantum Physics).

Then it occurred to me that we used to believe that the sun revolved around the earth. Science beliefs around discoveries change and evolve. What about the health industry. Remember when eggs were bad for you to eat? That's when it struck me Holy Moly . . . Isabelle Zimmerman what do you believe in and are these beliefs true or false are they limiting or empowering?

Beliefs are taught, you adopted a belief from an experience, or you had a reoccurring thought over and over. If you believe in something ask yourself is it true for all 7 Billion humans on earth. Are there any exceptions? For example I used to believe you had to earn money. Is that true for all the humans on the planet? Some folks, inherit money, win the lottery, invest, etc. Is that belief true?

Look at the image of the diamond. Each facet of the diamond is a perspective. It is a perspective filtered through beliefs, through frequency and vibration. Have you not experienced different perspectives, view points, and opinions around a topic or subject? Now pause on this idea. When another person expresses their opinion remember it is being filtered through their beliefs (frequency and vibration). Their vibration is always in flux, constantly moving . . . and what do you observe in life? That's right their opinion can change, even from one day to the next.

The very next time someone shares their perspective, play along and observe. Is it in the love frequency? Is it empowering? (Love is accepting, open and expansive) Or is it in the fear frequency? Is it limiting? (Fear is constrictive, limiting and dense)

That's all that I wish for you to do for now, observe perspectives and see if they are in the frequency love or fear.

Send me a message and let me know what you uncover!

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Donna Owen
Donna Owen
Sep 05, 2021

I am a freak about podcasts…….thank you for your input. Interestgly my radio died in the car…..the universe finds away.

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