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Are you feeling things are hard?

We have all felt this way. You can't connect to the internet. Your car broke down, house issues, work issues, you know all those little things that are just not going right. Uuugggh what the hell?

Damn it, now you are going to have to fix it. You are going to have to make an effort and possibly struggle in frustration to get it done. Something you did not want to do.

I get it.

Want to play a game with me? Learning any new game you have to play a few hands before you get the swing of it. So don't give up if you can't get the message right away. Be a Scooby Doo Detective. There will always be more clues for you to solve the mystery.

This might feel counterintuitive examining your experience like this. Again be that detective.

  • STOP - Nothing is random.

  • CURIOUS - Take a stance of curiosity. This has been attracted to your reality through your vibration and beliefs. It is actually for your highest good.

  • CLUE - What is the message? There is a message and clue showing you a limiting belief or a message from your non physical peeps.

My friend Jodie has just moved into a new house. Pre-COVID, we were accustomed to the world running in a certain way. It seems more common now to have delays, shortages, labor issues and so forth. Now Jodie bought her house sight unseen when she was in Grenada. As we were talking she said to me, "Want to hear something crazy?"

She proceeds to share her story. In Grenada she stayed in several rentals and typically refrigerators were small, mini sized. When she encountered a larger 'American' style refrigerator she was excited. She opens it up and to her surprise it had no shelves. Fast forward to Jodie entering her new home and opens her new refrigerator and is once again to her surprise it had no shelves.

I said, "Wait a minute . . . this happened to you twice?" Knowing it was a message for Jodie.

"Yes! Isn't that crazy? On top of it both refrigerators looked new. But missing shelves? I can understand Grenada because it is an island but in the U.S.?" she laughed.

What could be the message of missing shelves? Shelves help you see the items, they help you organize. Was that the message, Jodie needed to get organized? Jodie is pretty organized. I dove in a little deeper. Grenada was a new place. This home is a new place. The refrigerator with no shelves is really an empty box. An empty container.

I connected to Spirit and received her message. Now, I know some of you believe you can't connect. Relax, your team will get you the message even if they have to send it over and over again.

Dear one. The empty space is a new start. What do you want to place in this empty box? Want do you wish to focus on now? Do you wish to keep the same, the old? You have a new clean slate. Are you going to recreate the same or the new? Do you dare?

Spirit is nudging her to let go and start her new business. I'm rooting for Jodie. I know she will be able to let go and start her business. It is just a matter of pushing past some fear. I'm rooting for you too!

And . . . don't you worry I will remind you like a million times NOTHING IS RANDOM. Now go out and play!

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