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Are You Controlling Conditions?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

In this episode we get to peek behind the curtains of how our reality works. We all have an inner being or higherself that can see all. You see, not only have you had many lives, your current life is also in many dimension. Your inner being is like a SUPER Computer and sometimes to get you on your path, you might experience some intense challenges. These challenges are for you, to enlighten you. To stop and examine your beliefs that limit you. We on the other hand try very very hard to control our outside world. We want conditions to be a certain way. I get it.

If you can try to practice to release control and see everything in your reality as a message as a gift, or at the very least see it as neutral. You are beginning your Jedi work, the soul work.

I cheer you on! I encourage you to try. I am by your side with my arms around you telling you it is ok and you got this.

With Tremendous Love - your friend Isabelle

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