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Are you attracting the same struggle?

This is a deep concept and many levels and layers to it. Your inside world creates your outside world. Again I know it feels random. Have you attracted the same feeling over and over again. Or the same struggle? It can be health issues, relationship patterns, or same scenarios just different players.

Look at the image. What do you see or sense? Can you sense how the waves are moving out? Water is a great way for me to understand energy. Your energy, your vibration is creating everything you experience.

When bad things happen, how can this be your creation? No way! You didn't ask for this? Look back at the image and see how beautiful it is. You are beautiful and amazing. There are many things in play and the design is ingenious. For SOURCE has created growth and expansion at all levels of consciousness. The game is fun but at times it feels dense, dark, alone and SCARY.

Are you speaking your truth? Are you judging it as wrong? Accepting what is and dropping the resistance? Is it tied to your worthiness? Have you released the emotion? Are you being gentle on yourself? Or are you judging yourself as wrong?

See how many layers and questions are around this?

I REALLY REALLY believed I had fix everything. When you hear yourself say "I HAVE TO" do X, Y or Z that is a clue!

SPIRT: There is nothing for you to do, the multiverse and all your guides are lovingly supporting you and bringing everything that you truly desire. When you drop into the flow and allow synchronies, all effort and struggle will cease, and that is when the greater understanding can be received by you. The next step or action will be inspired, there is nothing to control. Be easy and laugh, you are so LOVED.

Sounds simple right? This was so FREAKIN hard. I saw a solution and believed it was up to me to fix it . . . and that's when I cut off my own magic and power. When I go linear thinking, when I go into judgement, my vibration wobbles into fear and control. Down I go into the muck, effort and struggle. Even when my logic mind said, there are other solutions Isabelle Zimmerman, you are not the only human that can resolve it. I wanted to help or facilitate the solution. Sure I delegated, but I kept on getting sucked back in because I was not letting go vibrationally. Being so attached to the outcome.

Doing soul work or uncovering limiting beliefs is a process. Whether you knew this or it is new, it matters not. Just play along and notice when you say I HAVE TO, for now. You really don't have to do anything. (I know if it doesn't feel that way)

We are going to ease ourselves into a higher vibration. We are just playing a game. And I am SUPER excited you are playing along.

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