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Private Session

As a spiritual medium I am always guided and use a variety of teaching tools and modalities to assist you on your journey. Unlocking your protentional in an empowering way. To assist in guiding you in your connection with SOURCE, your higher self, and spirit guides.

Each private session is custom tailored to you. Each session is different. It is my honor and pleasure to facilitate your session and be the bridge in a way to your lower self and your higher self.  To help you see and discover how magnificent you truly are!



  • 1 hr

    111 US dollars

What people say

Beautiful Experience

"I had no idea what to expect and was a little nervous. She is so kind and loving. I cried the whole time and laughed. It was an amazing experience."

Authentic Connection

"There is no one like Isabelle. She is amazing and has the way of connecting with you authentically. She has a way of breaking it down for you so you are not so overwhelmed."


"You can't help but feel happy with her. She makes you feel that everything really is ok. That taking baby steps is possible."

Reach Out

You can certainly inquire and reach out. There is a readiness factor in any healing. At times I like to think of myself as a swim instructor. I am always a gentle instructor and will never through you into the deep end. I'm just not that kind of teacher. I want your experience working with me to ALWAYS be enjoyable. Why? To have you learn to swim but of course! So sometimes we just sit by the pool and dip our feet in wearing our floaties. And when you are ready we wade into the pool, gently moving you along.

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