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Ascension tools for the Grand Awakening 


I'm so happy you found me! Welcome!  

Humanity is going through a grand shift of consciousness. It can be called an Ascension or a paradigm shift from 3D to 5D. The third dimension of consciousness is considered to be separation, duality, judgement, fear and control. We are unaware that we are self actualized. We are unaware of oneness consciousness and see our reality and hold beliefs that everything is separate and outside of ourselves. We are not aware that we are the creators of our own reality. The condition and programming has taught us that everything is outside and not to go within. If you found me then you are in the processing of awakening.  How exciting is that?! I'm delighted that you are curious and you wish to discover and remember who you truly are and yes, you are a magnificent being of pure love and light.  It is that you just don't believe it . . . quite yet. 

You are way more than the image in the mirror

What is the AscensionWhat does enlightenment really mean?  What is up with meditating?  What do I need to do now?  What is my purpose?  Why did we come here to suffer and experience pain?  What do you mean there is no wrong in all of the universe?  How does the Law of Attraction work?  How do I manifest the things I desire?


Questions you might have?


Do I have to do yoga now? What is Deja vu? Are ghosts real?  Akashic records can I access that?  Fairies, Dragons and Unicorns, what?  Am I a witch now?  When will I be able to connect to my innerbeing?  Why can’t I hear them?  What is up with the signs?  Are they signs?  What do goosebumps mean?  Why am I awakening now?



Of course you have so many questions and depending on where you are on your journey you already have an understanding.  You can’t know everything at once . . . so breathe. It is a process for everyone and it is the design of the game.



You are awakening to who you truly are.  The person you see in the mirror is but one aspect of you. You are way more.  Let’s use a tree as an analogy.  In your awareness you understand that you are a leaf, and maybe you can even see other leaves (past lives)  as aspects of you, but this is way more, you have no idea how many leaves are on the tree, the roots and the cycles of the leaves growing and shedding. Your innerbeing which is (YOU) who has an innerbeing which is (YOU) knows all of you, has access to all of YOU the bigger YOU, in all dimensions and all possibilities.  

Let's Pause

Let’s sit with that for a moment, can you feel how vast that is? 

  • Do you understand that you are always being lovingly guided by the bigger YOU and that connection can never be severed for there is no separation anywhere in the multiverse, as we are all one. 

    • That’s your intuition and gut feelings my dear.

New! Online Course

Do you want change? Do you want things to stay the same? What do you want to change? Whether we want change or not there is always resistance. This is normal. What if . . . you could embrace change? How would that impact your life? Would you try new things? Would you gain confidence? What about taking steps towards your dream? 

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