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Unlock The Secrets of
Subconscious Mind and Meet Your Innerbeing 


Isabelle Zimmerman is an Ascension Teacher focused on connecting you to your innerbeing, your higherself. If you are reading this, it means that your own innerbeing is guiding you to connect. Ever wondered is there more to life? Do you have a purpose? Why are you here incarnated? What did you come here to experience? To learn?


All her inspired creations, classes, courses, videos and podcasts focus on reducing fear and opening your heart and mind. This is the lifetime to rise from the Ego mind to the Higher mind.

As a powerful soul healer Isabelle uses different modalities to unlock the greatest potential of love expressed within you so that you may connect to Spirit. She is passionate about bridging and facilitating the connection to your innerbeing, to the Divine, celestial beings, to the non-physical.

Whether you are taking one of Isabelle's classes, attending an event, scheduling 1:1 hypnosis healing and spiritual sessions, or doing a quantum healing hypnotherapy past life regression, Isabelle focuses on your connection to your innerbeing. Explaining and teaching you the design. And how cool is  that!?!

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