QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) was  a technique that was developed by Dolores Cannon.  Using a similar technique Quantum Hypnotherapy, I help facilitate your connection with your higher self.  Your higher-self is you, and sometimes we call it your inner-self or the subconscious. This higher-self is the oversoul to you, meaning it can see all the lives you ever lived or living from a higher perspective.  Your higher-self is very loving and is always there, it can not be separate from you. When regressed you are in a state of focus relaxation, fully aware.  The first session, we travel to past lives and connect with your higher-self.  The second and third sessions we connect directly to the the higher-self making the link and connection stronger. All sessions are recorded for you to listen back.



Prework - Meditation Class Are Here!

Book a session with me a total of 4 classes via Zoom or Skype call.  Not necessary but helpful if you purchase the inner balance technology.  I can actually see if you are in coherence and monitor your HRV.  This is a very good thing as I guide you to quiet your left brain and open your heart.  Validating that you are meditating and quieting thoughts. Being in a state of being. A great beginning to start the process of enlightenment. 

The induction session allows you to become relaxed and fully aware, at the Theta Brain Wave State, the spot right before you fall asleep.  Then facilitate and guide you as we travel into the past then we connect with your higher-self to gain insight and wisdom. Second and Third session we connect with your higher-self  reinforcing the connection and relationship, releasing all doubt. A total of three session. 

Remote Session

Not recommended for all clients.

Will need computer, headphones, and a place to lay down. You must be visible at all times and have the ability to relax.  We can discuss to see if you are a candidate.

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