Ascension tools for the Grand Awakening 


I'm so happy you found me! Welcome!  

If you found me then you are in the processing of awakening.  How exciting is that?! I'm delighted that you are curious and you wish to discover and remember who you truly are and yes, you are a magnificent being of pure love and light.  It is that you just don't believe it . . . quite yet. 


I am a teacher, channeler, healer and a cosmic cheerleader. I was a corporate career girl, married, mother, owned a house, a dog and cat, living in Connecticut. In 2017 things began to change for me in unexpected ways for sure. An avid reader, podcast junkie and deep diving into any subject is pretty much me. I'm just so darn curious.


And so . . . yup a podcast changed my life.  The Teachings of Joshua  propelled me into my awakening. There are many pathways to the grand awakening, our planetary shift. I am connected to celestial beings, non-physical peeps as I like to call them.


 I am being guided and mentored.  And of course I am thrilled to pass on these teachings and understanding to all my friends with me on this great journey! 


As a full time ascension teacher, the best job in the world. Teaching, assisting, helping, cheering, sharing, whatever I can do to have you connect to your innerbeing is for me. The connection to your innerbeing is to be experienced.  Until then it is just a story or theory. 


Only a powerful soul could be here at this time of great awakening.  And the fact that you are awaking now before the masses . . . well my dear one isn't that curious?




Online Course

Changing Your Vibration is an online course with 21 modules. One module unlocked per day for a fun and playful to open your mind and heart. These modules are to expand your mind, move energy physically and mentally to strengthen your connection with the DIVINE, your SOUL. These esoteric teachings are coming forth in modern day, to unlock your natural abilities. Each day you will be given an exercise (yes, you have to play) and a video to go more in depth as to the why of the exercise.  I am cheering you on to take a STEP! 

In this video see what Karen has to say about the course and her experience. Inside I'm jumping up and down every time that inner connection is made!   

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COMING SOON an App of a channeled daily teaching and exercise to complete each day.  Another form for you to engage and play with the DIVINE.  To remember more of who you truly are!