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Money Love of May 19 2024
Money Love of May 19 2024
May 19, 2024, 11:00 AM EDT

Heal your relationship with money and once and for all release all blocks!


If you hold any vibration that is not serving you around money:


Money blocks,

  • Beliefs and fears,

  • Ancestral karma,

  • Any and all conditioning around not being worthy,


then this is the event for you.

Combining Magic and Hypnosis is a game changer.


I can't tell you how excited I am. The results are beyond what I could have imagined.



J.S. - "Ok this is wild. I went into my PayPal and had $500 just sitting there waiting to be transferred to my account. I knew I had some orders but not that many! Thank you money spirits! It's on already!"

A.Z . "I was on a walk before with my doggy and I have visualized a door . . . And when I opened this door . .  Money jumped out and hugged me."

D.O. "You're stopping yourself. Look at all this money that you could be enjoying where the rest of us are. And so I was like, all right, all right."

K.B. "When I opened my door there were were multiple gold cauldrons of gold coins of multiple sizes.. It was filled with gold cauldrons, three-legged cauldrons of gold coins.The leprechaun fairy energy.

K.S.  - "I mean, I was gonna say like with me Money I really never cared for but I always had it so always found myself giving it away to users. I always see money rain and see that visual all the time. If I see it, I know I'm gonna get it. But I always find myself being used because of my heart. But I want to do good with it. So when you were speaking about good and doing things with it, that's my journey. I want to use it to better things, not just give it to users. But the peaceful part was that I could control it. That's the problem. I've never been able to control it.


C.G.  - "And so what I'm experiencing now is that the projection of how I think the relationship's going to be, like the relationship that I've had with other people, it's off that projection is no longer on the money and the money is neutral and the money can love me.

In a healthy whole way versus. This is me thinking it's gonna love me. How it's all of a sudden It's more powerful than the projection that I put on it and it's going to love me and work with me in a way It's it that's powerful versus how I was saying it was going to be So almost like I'm allowing it to be itself. Instead of me projecting and be loved by it. 


M.P. - "It's almost like the money had the power over me before I was intimidated, you know, and then had no relationship with it. Now I understand that it's nothing to really be worrying or fear. It's just a tool. and I can tap to it, into it, and it's time."

Listen in to Katie's experience and transformation.

Click Here to Listen

  • What if you felt a connection to money and spirit?

  • What  if money relates to your Soul purpose?

  • What if you deepened being an observer of someone's else fear of money but not the experiencer. "So it's a heck of a lot happier feeling to be an observer of something. It's kind of like watching a surgery rather than being the one having the surgery done on."

  • What if experiencing magic leads you to connect to the consciousness of laughter?

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