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Teachers Course
Intensive Heart Work

Intensive Heart Work

This course is bringing the contrast into oneness. The contrast, the yin and yang is the alchemy of frequency into wholeness. Embracing the darkness is necessary to move into the light.

This class is powerful as we have all done the inner-work, but there is something magical doing it as a group. As we are all in touch with Spirit as a group we gain insights collectively. Our energy together is amplified with our guides as we do the work of healing and adding new energy patterns to the collective.

We are doing 'Disciple' work. We go into a light meditation to bring forth the experience in our incarnation. Then we go into deep mediative state where we go through the energetic patterns such as; Rejection, Sadness, Greed, Honor etc.


You must be aware of limiting beliefs, inner child and ego mind. You should be in a daily practice meditating.  The class is five weeks then three weeks off. This class will span a four month period with a cadence of five weeks on then three weeks off. See Book Now for the scheduling details.

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