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Unlocking Intuition

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Unlocking the door to the Divine

The lotus flower, is the flower of enlightenment.  We will be focusing on greater understanding, clarity and connection. 

In doing so, you will blossom into love an authentic being and more of who you truly are.  A magnificent being of love and light. 

What to expect

Understanding energy is a KEY component to unlocking your Intuition. You feel the energy, being empathic. We are NOT made of particles but rather fields of energy. 

Duality vs. Polarity is the next KEY of understanding. This will allow you to soften your judgement and feeling triggered. Understanding that Polarity is a spectrum and not opposites is important. This enables you to feel more balanced and harmonious  thus allowing the connection to Spirit to strengthen within YOU. 


Beliefs and thoughts are a big KEY. Tracing your emotions back to beliefs. We will be working with inner-child and the Ego mind. It is important to discern these two aspects of you and know what to do when they are asking for awareness and attention.


Practicing and connecting to the heart. Discerning from your mind vs. heart. Focusing on the connection with your inner guidance, your intuition. Spirit is always communicating with you but you are not aware of the messages.    

This class is interactive and you will be given tools or modalities, For three weeks we will meet via zoom, recorded. Light homework will be given. 


What others say about Unlocking Intuition and Isabelle

Craig, Vancouver CA

“My third eye is now vibrating. I have seen so many projected images of hearts. I am having so many insights, thank you!"

Lisa, West Virginia

"Even though I teach and heal, understanding my inner child has opened my heart even more. I didn't even realized it was closed. That I have been protecting it."

James, MA

“Isabelle is the greatest teacher I have ever met. It is all making more sense. I still have work to do, but I understand now..”
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