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Spiritual Teacher

Ascension Teacher

Enthusiastic Spiritual Teacher

Isabelle Zimmerman is an Ascension Teacher, Psychic and Channeler. She likes to think of herself as a cosmic cheerleader. She is a mother, friend and sister to all. The embodiment of Goddess Athena it is no surprise she was in Corporate America since the age of 14. The love of business and operations gave her the foundation to teach the system and design of the Universe. She has a knack of taking complex ideas to digestible bites of understanding. 

Her enthusiasm and passion, ignites and sparks your greater understanding and awareness. All her teachings are designed for you to connect with the bigger YOU. To connect with your innerbeing and your guides.

Prolific in her teachings, from courses, podcasts, videos. You can book a one on one session, past life regression or dive deep into your soul field to heal deep energetic patterns. 

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