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Past Lives Hypnosis

Opening your psychic door.

  • 4 hours
  • 200 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

The first session we typically go into past lives. I never know how a session will turn out. Your Inner Self wants you to understand the importance of this life from other lives. To have you gain a higher perspective and greater understanding. The second and third sessions the Non-physical energicatly work with you and we strengthen the connection with your Innerbeing. Each session is unique. I am your facilitator and guide. I'm guided by my own innerbeing and at times get to see your past lives. I love when they do that! It is a very collaborative session. You will be forever changed from it as we truly open your psychic door. Witnessing the transformation from the clients has been an unexpected delight for me as I was called to do this work regardless of the outcome. Having the experience vs. hearing a story around these sessions are two very different things. Just like learning about kissing vs. kissing. I feel you need both. To learn about these sessions, the Podcasts are great way for you to start. You can find me on PodBean and iTunes, Spotify all by searching Attracting Wisdom. See if you can discern a pattern on how your own inner being communicates with you after you listen to a few sessions. What you need to know, I can do these sessions in person if you are nearby where I live or remotely. The first session is very long I need at least three to four hours. The second and third sessions are typically less than two, it depends on how much we talk first! No matter what you decide I am always cheering you on!

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