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What? You want me to put myself first?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

When spirit asked me to be self-centered, I was so confused. I asked what was the difference between being self-centered and selfish? I thought being selfish was a bad thing. That's when the concept of self-care, self-love and heart centered came into my awareness.

I had received the concept that just like when we are flying on any airline, in case of an emergency we are taught to put on our oxygen mask first then assist our child or another. Make us a priority first. If you have flown before you have heard these instructions. Did you ever give it any thought? My belief around this was . . . oh they must have data or have uncovered that it is best to put on the oxygen first. Yup here's a quick video an article if you are interested as to the why

Now just to let you know as a reformed people pleaser this was very hard for me to accept. I had a lot of resistance and didn't even know how to begin or not sure if I even wanted to. I loved pleasing people. I was the type of person, that noticed how you take your coffee, what type of pillow you like to sleep with, and how many. I noticed all the little details that would make you happy. I knew what my company wanted, manager, husband, daughter, dogs and cat. You name it I knew what everyone else wanted. I loved it, and I was great at it! And so when I was given the teaching to put myself first I was so resistant. But I sensed it was not balanced. I mean I'm an adult woman and what does Isabelle want? Nope, I had no clue, other than a clean house.

Where to start? Asking yourself this questions what do you want, is a start. I've been working on this teaching for a few years. Look, I had to start baby small. I saw this gourmet chocolate bar in my grocery store and thought ohhh my daughter would love this. I got the message to buy myself the chocolate bar and not share it. To eat it all for myself. Do you think I could do it? Nope that was too much of a step for me. I couldn't indulge for a $3.00 chocolate bar? Not share my candy? And so I laughed and realized that this was going to be a process. That day I bought two candy bars and gave one to my daughter.

I share this with you to spark a question within you. Are you taking care of yourself? If so how? Are you putting yourself as a priority or last? If so how? Do you know what self-care means? Are you practicing self-care? How do you practice? Do you love yourself? Do you love all parts of you? Or only the ones you like? Take your time with these questions and write them down.

There is a lot of conditioning, judgement and limiting beliefs, covering your beauty that is you. You are beautiful, magnificent and love.

I am cheering you on to see YOU!

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