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How could I not love liars?

Have you encountered lies? Have you been lied to? Have you lied? Are you a liar? Do you lie to yourself? Do you lie to others? Are you hiding a painful truth? Do you lie to prevent a loss of power? Do you lie to keep a love? Do you lie or stretch the truth to gain something in return? Do you tell little white lies? How truthful are you? Honest? Trustworthy?

It matters not.

What?!? Isabelle Zimmerman what do you even mean by that? All beliefs, stories, and perspectives are truths being filtered through you. Lies are on the spectrum of truth, meaning what one may consider an untruth may indeed be a truth for another. What about the person knowing that they are hiding a truth, and are intentionally lying and being deceitful. What about that!

It matters not.

We all learned to lie at a very young age, when we were told to be different than who we were. Our first lie was to ourselves, not being authentic. The fear of loss of love, was too great. We have all been conditioned to behave a certain way, follow rules, judged and told we are not enough. When we lie to ourselves and others, it is our little child within us that is hurting. That is why I love liars. I see there little girl and boy inside, wanting to be loved as is. They are soooo afraid of loss of love. How could I not love them? Liars are scared. We all have been scared.

Of course it triggers you when you are being lied to. You want authenticity reflected back to you. You want truth for the connection. Truth is in the frequency of love. Whether it is an individual lying or an organization, governments, those in power, however it is expressed in our collective, it is all around the loss of love. Loss of love can be relationships, money, power, prestige, image, influence, etc.

Being vulnerable and transparent, takes tremendous courage. You stand in the uncomfortability of the loss of love and the UNKNOWN. You release control, fear and judgement. Can you see?

May we find our internal strength and be brave. To stand in the unknown together. I am with you by your side, scared and naked, and cheering us on!

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