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Are you afraid to succeed?

Isabelle Zimmerman are you serious? Who would be afraid to succeed? Success feels great, winning feels great. Why would I be afraid of this?

There are some hidden beliefs that you hold in your vibration. You might have a belief if you succeed, more people will rely on you and you don't want that responsibility. If you succeed your life will change and you will be become visible to the outside world.

This is a tricky one my friends, because there are some deep rooted beliefs that you hold about yourself. You might even believe you are not deserving to be successful as it relates to worthiness.

We all hold ourselves back. I had to go through many soul searching excavations to uncover why. Focusing your energy and acting is a key to success but here's a little secret. You innerbeing will always bring a situation in where you have to believe in yourself even if it means going against the grain. Can you stand in the uncomfortableness when your inner circle believes you are wrong or even crazy? Can you feel unsafe and unsecure? Can you stop being small in life?

Why would your innerbeing want you to believe in yourself? When you start going with your intuition you are pushing past fear. You are raising your vibration and being more in the flow. You are mastering your ego and allowing the Divine to guide you to your pre-birth intentions. You true desires and success is the byproduct of believing in yourself.

If you are afraid of success or limit your success, take baby steps. Pay attention to your self talk. Are you criticizing yourself? Are you telling yourself no? Can you stay aligned when you trigger another person?

In March of 2017 a few things happened. I had some belief in myself, I was writing a novel at that time. I met up with the group Romance Writers of America, monthly, immersing myself in the publishing and writing world. And so when the opportunity to join One on One program (The Teachings of Joshua), I had already pushed past some fear and knew immersing myself was a key to success. I went with my gut that this was what I needed to do. At the time it I was not sure how I was going to come up with the money. Can you imagine receiving a phone call. "So I want to take this one on one program from a Podcast guy that lives in Florida. He channels non-physical entities that call themselves Joshua and I really want to do it." And do you know what my husband said? "Hon, you never ask for anything and if you really want to do this, its ok." I started the program on April 13, 2017.

I did feel pulled or inspired to do the program. I had to push past some fear, including folks thinking I was crazy. Needless, to say that program put me on my path. And now I am a teacher, sharing my wisdom with you.

My Scooby Doo Detectives, sure I want success for you, but I REALLY REALLY want you to believe in yourself. You are magic and beautiful.

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