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Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Once you start seeing signs I have to say it is a lot of fun. At first you think you are just making it up or it is wishful thinking but if you listen to enough to these sessions, those kinds of doubts kind of fade away. Yup there is a lot of communication being sent to you. It is just that we are too busy to pay attention or we ignore them. That's ok if you have, today is a NEW moment! You can start right now. You can set an intention. Say, today I intend to see signs of communication from my higherself. You can even ask to see something specific, like yellow cars. Play with it. They will be so happy to communicate with you. Remember your higherself is you very best friend, totally here to help and assist.

Below is a picture of Ebb that he projected in a pair of jeans. Yes, I know that we are programmed to see faces, but when I asked Ebb, he said it is easy for them to project images into clouds or patterns for you to see. They project all the time if you pay attention.

Signs can also be repeated words, songs on the radio, a cardinal or a butterfly. You'll get the hang of it. For me they send me hawks. You can check out these site to see meanings.

Do you see the face?

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