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Starter KIT

Start your magical journey.

You can begin in any manner you wish.

By clicking on the PDF Icon you can read  "Awaken Your Intuition: Three Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Calling" 

Or you can listen to this beautiful magical forest meditation to receive your message from your Spirit Guides.

(Less than ten minute meditation, all you need to do is close your eyes, get cozy and listen to my voice)

Your Spirit Guides Are Calling.pdf

Magical Forest Guided Journey .MP3Isabelle Zimmerman
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(Transcript of Meditation if you wish to read and familiarize yourself with the journey so that you can deepen your experience) Congratulations for downloading this audio file and listening. This is part of the starter kit. Develop your intuition and connect with your spirit guides foundational class so that you can begin the work right away. That connection and develop your intuition. And so we will be going on a little journey, a little meditation. And all you have to do is sit back and listen. So let's get into a comfortable place where you can just listen and relax. So go ahead, if you have not done so already, go ahead and shut off any devices that may interrupt your beautiful communication and find a comfortable seat. Or if you wish, you can even lay down and just get comfortable and cozy and allow your breath to deepen and allow your breath to become a little slower and just breathe nice and easy. And you can just allow yourself to enjoy this beautiful journey. For we are going to go to a magical forest. A beautiful forest. And so if you have not done so yet, go ahead and close your eyes and let settle our bodies together. Let's take a deep breath and exhale for a few seconds. Ready? Deep breath in. Very good. And let's take another deep breath and exhale. And here's a little trick. When you exhale, imagine pushing the air down into your tummy. Alright, let's do another deep breath. Here we go. Wonderful. We're going to do one more and if you haven't done so already, take a deep breath through your nose and push that air down to your tummy. And a long exhale. All right, here we go. Very nice. All right, now let's settle in and I would like for you to imagine a beautiful forest. There are tall trees around you. It still light out and when you look up in the sky, it's beautiful. You can even feel the sun against your cheek. And as you walk in this beautiful magical forest, you see these tall pine trees. And with each step it is as if you can even smell the fresh, clean air with a hint of pine. And as you walk this beautiful forest, there is a small path that you can see. It is as if there's a glow about it. And you just follow the gentle meandering path as your body becomes even more relaxed. Another step, another step down, down. You go deeper into this beautiful forest and you follow the path and it comes to a beautiful tree. It's majestic, it's in a clearing. You walk closer to it as if a deep knowing that this is the tree of wisdom, you come upon it standing before it. You reach out your hand to touch the wide expansive trunk of this tree and you can feel the life force in your hand. For you know this tree is a conduit to your spirit guides. You breathe through your heart and you ask for a message from your spirit guides. And you even may feel a sensation on the top of your head. And you feel this joy in your heart. Remember. And so the little woodland creatures are just so happy, they're rejoicing that you are here with us. And you start to walk back along the path, enjoying the peace and tranquility. And we would like for you to become aware where you are again. Become aware of your body. And let's take a deep breath. Together again. I'm going to count you out. And when you awake, I would like for you to write down your message right away. Ready? Five. Coming up nicely. Four, three, two and one. Wide awake. Wide awake. Feeling wonderful all over. Alright, now write down that message. And please, please, if you enjoyed this, please consider taking the course, taking the class, and develop your connection with your spirit guides. Until next time. Bye.

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