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Past Lives Sessions

My  Hypnosis Sessions with Isabelle were so insightful! So many realizations that explained so much, the pieces came together and I understand so much now. Fears have been released and the path is not only clearer, but also feels safer.  And THAT result has been beyond my expectations all while feeling more whoe and loving.


Past Lives Sessions

Isabelle  . . . everyday I am grateful that you have come into my life.

What the students are saying

Online Course

"I love your upside down messages.

"This is so much fun! "

"Wow I am gaining so much insight! "

"I'm already hearing my inner self, I can't believe it!"

"I'm going to use muscle testing more often!"


Ascension Tools

Online Course - click image to go to site

We present an online course that contains 21 modules to expand your mind, move energy physically and mentally to strengthen your connection with the DIVINE, your SOUL. These esoteric teachings are coming forth in modern day, a playful and fun way to unlock your natural abilities. Each day you will be given and exercise (yes, you have to play) and a video to go more in depth as to the why of the exercise.  I am cheering you on to take a STEP! 

Violet Stars
Past Lives Regressions - click image to go to page 

I facilitate and guide you as we travel into the past lives hypnotizing you to the theta brain state, then we connect with your higher-self to gain insight and wisdom. Second and Third session we connect with your higher-self  reinforcing the connection and relationship, releasing all doubt. A total of three session.  Check out my PodCasts of my sessions of Past Lives Regression and conversations with the high-self. These sessions open your psychic door.


COMING SOON an App of a channeled daily teaching and exercise to complete each day.  Another form for you to engage and play with the DIVINE.  To remember more of who you truly are!


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